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Contest rules

A free contest with no purchase obligation is being organised by Panasonic Energy Europe NV, Brusselsesteenweg 502, 1731 Zellik, Belgium, from 10 a.m. Monday, 18/03/2019, until Sunday, 29/12/2019 (CET). You can participate in this contest using a separate website (

The contest is open to adults aged eighteen and over (or younger people with parental permission) who are resident in Europe, excluding residents in Europe working for Panasonic Energy Europe NV and staff at the centre coordinating the contest, together with their immediate families (up to and including the first generation). Panasonic Energy Europe NV is entitled to exclude a person from participation at any time (and without being required to give reasons) for a certain time during the contest organised by Panasonic Energy Europe NV based on their infringement of – or suspicion of infringement of – one of the participation terms and conditions, or in the event of abuse, violation or fraudulent participation in the contest. Participation in the contest in an organised manner and/or as a group shall be considered fraud and shall automatically lead to exclusion. You are hereby advised that Panasonic Energy Europe NV has implemented certain measures against fraudulent behaviour, including but not limited to identifying practices such as abundant use of one single IP address.

RU/BY. Акция Cirque du Soleil ® и Panasonic проводится в странах ЕС.

UA. Акція Cirque du Soleil ® і Panasonic проводиться в країнах ЄС.

KZ. Cirque du Soleil ® және Panasonic акция ЕО елдерінде өткізіледі.

GE. Cirque du Soleil-სა ® და Panasonic-ს აქცია ტარდება ევროკავშირის ქვეყნებში.

In order to participate, participants must follow the procedure as stated on the website ( and register using a valid e-mail address. There is no other way to participate in this contest than as stated in these rules. Any incomplete or illegible registrations shall be considered invalid.

In order to participate in the contest, you must complete the following with valid details and in full and submit it via the website ( 

The winners are:

The following prizes will be issued as part of this contest:

The five European participants who are closest in guessing the tiebreaker 2 in the week of their participation (each running from Monday 00.01 a.m. to Sunday 11.59 p.m.) will win one of these Panasonic appliances (ranking in order of the best to the fifth best guess): 

In the event of a draw, the participant who entered his/her answer first will win.

During the contest, people can only participate 1 time, with 1 valid e-mail address. Participants can win a maximum of one prize. If they are closest in guessing the tiebreaker 2 in their participation week, they win a consolidation prize. All participants, except for the weekly 5 winners, will be in the pool to become the lucky winner at the end of the competition. 

Please be aware that: 

Cirque du Soleil is a trademark owned by Cirque du Soleil and used under license. Tickets may not be resold. Tickets are subject to separate terms and conditions. Each participant in this Contest and the guest of each winner hereby irrevocably waives all claims against and releases Cirque du Soleil Holdings L.P., all of its subsidiaries, affiliates, shareholders, and each of their respective officers, directors, agents, representatives and employees (collectively, the “Cirque Entities”) from any and all liability or damage of any kind (including personal injury) resulting or arising from his/her participation in the Contest. Each participant and the guest of each winner agrees that the Cirque Entities will have no liability or responsibility for any claim arising in connection with participation in this Contest or the prize(s) awarded.  The Cirque Entities have not offered or sponsored this Contest in any way.

Panasonic Energy Europe NV will contact the five weekly winners by e-mail, each time on the Tuesday following the week of their participation, and ask them to confirm their address each time before the Friday following the week of their participation. The five winners are the five people with the guess that is closest to the tiebreaker 2, whereby the order of the prizes from 1 (= best guess) to 5 (= fifth best guess) is as follows: compact camera, slow juicer, headphones, beard/hair trimmer, electric toothbrush. 

Panasonic Energy Europe NV will contact the one grand prize-winner by e-mail before Friday 31 January 2020, and ask him/her to confirm his/her address and telephone number before Friday 14 February 2020. 

Failure to provide these details will result in the revocation of the prize. Panasonic Energy Europe NV reserves the right to check the identity and required minimum age in order to be able to issue the prize. If the winners do not confirm that they accept the prize within the given time, then Panasonic Energy Europe NV is entitled to select another winner and award the prize to this person.

Prizes cannot be split and must be accepted as they are. Prizes can only be awarded to the winners and are not transferable to others. Winners are not entitled to demand the cash value of the prizes in question, nor can they exchange these prizes for an alternative. Winners will receive their prizes by post after having confirmed their official address.

Panasonic Energy Europe NV shall not be obliged to compensate, pay back or exchange for cash any losses or theft. There is absolutely no question of any cash settlement. Panasonic Energy Europe NV may replace the prizes offered with ones of a similar or higher value, should this be necessary for reasons of availability. Panasonic Energy Europe NV reserves the right to do so.

Panasonic Energy Europe NV gives or offers no guarantees for prizes and shall not be liable or responsible for:

Furthermore, any participant attempting to hinder the proper progress of the contest shall be excluded from participation.

All costs incurred from participation in the contest shall be settled entirely by the participant. Under no circumstances may participants claim the costs of participation from the organiser.

Panasonic Energy Europe NV reserves the right to amend the contest rules without prior notice, or to shorten or cancel the contest should this be necessary due to unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond their control. Under no circumstances shall such events justify any claims against Panasonic Energy Europe NV.

By participating in this contest, you agree entirely to accept all the rules in full. In the event of any practical difficulties, Panasonic Energy Europe NV shall make the final decision with regard to the application or interpretation of the rules. Any complaints related to this contest must be made in writing within seven working days and sent to the Panasonic Energy Europe NV headquarters (Brusselsesteenweg 502, 1731 Zellik, Belgium). Under no circumstances shall complaints be discussed face-to-face or by telephone. No consideration shall be given to complaints that are not submitted within the allocated time.

By entering the contest, you agree that any personal information provided by you may be held and used by Panasonic Energy Europe NV Brusselsesteenweg 502, 1731 Zellik, Belgium and the following third party as its supplier to administer the contest in accordance with the relevant privacy policy:  

ARK BBN, Gelaagstraat 53a, 9150 Rupelmonde, Belgium  

These rules are governed by Belgian law. The Belgian courts have sole jurisdiction to settle any disputes arising from this contest.

Any questions about this contest shall only be answered in writing.

Winners agree to participate in any form of advertising or promotion connected to the allocation of their prizes.

Details thought to be either irrelevant to the theme of the contest or inappropriate shall not be considered eligible in the contest. Panasonic Energy Europe NV has final authority with regard to determining whether a submission may be used for the contest. Participants shall not be informed should they be removed from the contest.

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